I love to walk through the entrance of the TriVita Wellness Center. As you enter the center, you’ll see one of the most important questions in a person’s life inscribed on a beautiful rock wall there: “Why are you here?” Yes, for what purpose are you at the center but more importantly, why are you here on earth?  When connected to that purpose, it is a powerful force for guiding a person and continually motivating them to overcome all adversity in order to live out that purpose. Every one of us will have the setbacks and challenges that life brings but purpose will power you through to success in life.

A few months ago, Susan and I were walking along a marina up in the Northwest and we saw two men sitting along the walkway. Now this was not a walkway filled with people but I noticed each had a sign and a can out in front of them. Both men seemed a bit scruffy and were obviously looking for contributions to their cause. Quite frequently I do give to those less fortunate. I have seen many signs, from need funeral expenses and money to go home, to need food and even one that said need a beer. As we approached the two men I read the sign of the first man: “Need help… my wife left me!” For some reason it did not strike my feelings of sympathy, but my funny bone. I wished each a good morning and walked on.

I would like to share an example of how this man could have viewed his experience negatively, and how he could have viewed it positively to overcome the challenge.

A negative view would be: “I am really having a difficult time in my life feeling helpless. I lost my business, my wife divorced me and I am living in a room with a roommate I hardly know.”

Here is the power of purposeful living expressing the same thing: “I am making a lot of changes in my life to help me succeed in the future. I spent 12 years married to a special woman and even though I will not spend my future with her, I wish her all the best. I am living with a new friend and we are inspiring each other to succeed in life.”

I would like to share a positive message to our ITBOs that something really good is happening at TriVita.  Our future will be filled with sustainable success in our mission of helping people experience greater wellness. We are meeting new friends and inspired to succeed together.

We have new media programs testing this month in television, radio and the Web.  We fully anticipate 2015 to be a year filled with the joy of success and our purpose fulfilled.

It is a close race out there for the African trip. Lots of opportunity for many to join the effort for a trip of a lifetime!!  All products of new people qualify for the points.  Enjoy!



Rarely does such an opportunity arise like the one we are offering with the Dream Again Contest. A trip to Africa with all expenses paid that will be a “bucket list” dream come true for two winners and their guests.  I have chosen to blog on this trip to help each of you have a better idea of the fabulous trip it will be and how it is worth every effort you can give to go.

Two winners of the Dream Again Contest (anyone can qualify by signing up as a TriVita ITBO) and their respective guest will join Susan and me leaving from the USA (if Australians win they will meet us in South Africa), flying business class to Johannesburg, South Africa.  If you have not made this trip, I can only say it is a flight experience of a lifetime. Be sure to bring your pajamas or leisure loungers.  After boarding you will change for a night of sleep in your fully reclined bed.  But before you do, you will experience dinning with unlimited service appetizers, entrée, deserts, cheese and fruit plate and drinks of your choice on the house! I would not call this a wellness experience, but it is a dining experience in the skies you will never forget.

You will then have your bed made for you and experience a night of sleep, waking to breakfast before descending into the beautiful country of South Africa.  We will be met by our JAM host and escorted to a hotel attached to the largest mall in Johannesburg, featuring retailers from around the world in a modern beautiful environment. From the very latest in European designer fashion to curios from all over Africa, you can literally get lost in the dazzling displays presented by hundreds of retailers. Susan had to guide me or I would have never found my way out of the humungous multi-storied mall. I guide in the mountains and she guides in the malls!

The first day will allow you to adjust to the time change and give opportunity to enjoy the world-renowned Mandela Square with the multi-story statue of Nelson Mandela and many fabulous restaurants to enjoy.  Learn of the sacrifice and leadership of this man who changed the direction of South Africa and influenced many countries in Africa to go beyond what seemed as fate, to faith for a better tomorrow with liberty and opportunity for all.  This is such an inspiring experience. Here is a quote from Mandela I especially like:  “Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.”

We will then fly by charter air to Mozambique, a country that was in such a state of crisis 30 years ago that it was listed as the very worst living conditions on the world misery index. Today, with the support and efforts of organizations and leaders like Peter and Ann Pretorius of JAM, Mozambique is listed in the top 15 fastest growing economies in the world.  It is still full of poverty and need everywhere you look, but it has hope to drive it into the future. Our four-point plan of feeding, educating, clean water and team soccer sports is also making a difference in the lives of children.

You will go with us into the rural areas where they live in grass huts without running water and have subsistent farming—eking out a living.  But their children have hope with our school programs.  You will feed the children and experience their smiles and joyful expressions. We will spend the night in Mozambique and then return to South Africa to join with the Londolozi Family Safaris.

You can try to imagine what a first class safari is like but I can assure you it will never be the same as experiencing a night in Africa with the romance of the setting sun, the sounds of the night animals and if we’re lucky, the roar of the king of beasts that will send a shiver down your spine.  To be up close and personal with the animals, with no fence and nothing between you and their wild behavior, armed with nothing but a fabulous long lens camera provided for you to capture the photos for your memories-for-a- lifetime album…

Susan and I look forward to sharing such an experience with four special people who have a passion and have shared our wellness products with new people to help them experience greater wellness through the Dream Again Contest.  We are thrilled to know we will share this time with others who are giving every effort to help people experience wellness.  Just think, since we started the Drink a Shake and Feed a Child program we have achieved nearly 250, 000 meals for children in our school programs.  We could be over half a million meals by the time the Dream Again Contest is over. But the contest points are for any products a new person would purchase, giving opportunity for all TriVita ITBOs to participate in this fabulous, once-in-a-lifetime trip with Susan and me.

I close with this special memory and thought.  When my little granddaughter, Miss Emmaline, was six years old, she offered some advice all of us can benefit from. Her daddy thought she was not acting on her best behavior so for consequences he took away her dolly and toys.  She responded by saying, “Daddy, you can take away my toys but Daddy, you cannot take away my imagination.”  Life sometimes seems difficult, sometimes we even lose material things and have financial setbacks, health setbacks, but I want to say to each of you, nobody can take away your passion for helping others and the joyful reciprocal rewards for doing so. Let’s Dream Again and let our passion drive us to exploits that are beyond what we think is even possible in helping others.

Susan and I look forward to sharing this very special time with four passionate wellness seekers who want this experience of a lifetime.  Put this on your bucket list but don’t wait. Get started today and you could be with us on the Dream Again African Safari trip!





Oh, wow!  How did I get on this website when I was looking for a resort where my wife Susan and I could celebrate our 48th wedding anniversary? My web-surfing experience brought to mind a quote I had read on Grant Cardone’s blog: “You will always have the pings in life…” I found that very interesting; I had never heard the term used. But more on Grant’s blog in a minute…

Susan and I are in a celebratory mood, knowing our life purpose and potential is still on course to help people experience greater wellness. Oh yes, we have taken our lumps, felt the pings over these 48 years, but we have also had our great success working with wonderful people.  Every day people are experiencing greater wellness and we could not be more thrilled.

In just five months we have given over 170,000 vitamin-fortified meals to hungry children in Africa through our Leanology/LeanForward program.  And thousands of people are experiencing greater wellness, like Sue Buscemi. I just received a fabulous testimonial from Sue about her experience at the TriVita Wellness Center. She says, “I feel restored from years of feeling I had half my brain tied behind my back, as Rush Limbaugh would say. My daughter has participated in the same program at the center and she says she feels ECSTATIC!”  This is why we started TriVita 15 years ago—so people can experience greater wellness!

Back to the website of Grant Cardone, bestselling author and personal trainer and coach to Fortune 500 companies. He says: “Face it, there are more people saying you can’t, you shouldn’t, it’s too risky, there is no way, than you have cheerleaders and supporters who believe in you.  My wife Elena, my biggest supporter, describes it as a ping—the feeling you get when someone throws a dig at you, a judgment or a little criticism.  The ping can take place when you are rolling or when you have already been derailed.  Whenever you find yourself operating below your potential, you must assume you have been affected.”

It was an interesting read and my conclusion was that when you are attempting to do something great with your life, there are the cheerleaders, the supporters, but also the “pingers.”  All of us at times in our lives have lived with a ping… what we need to do is look at the people who live with pings and succeed anyway.  If you feel you are not living up to your potential, you can assume you have been pinged!

But don’t let the feeling of ping hold you back. Life pays far more when you do something great with your life and just know there are cheerleaders, supporters and pingers.  Develop your team with cheerleaders and supporters and cut off and out the people who ping.  You will need and accomplish far more if you follow this advice and fulfill your life purpose and potential.

These are exciting days for those who really have purpose and desire to help others enjoy a greater quality of life.  The world is changing and people are beginning to “get it”… life is better with wellness!!!

If you want to add some fire to your motivation, I would encourage you to search for Grant Cardone online.




There is only one “WHY” I blog, and that is to inform and hopefully offer some inspiration to those who aspire to live to their potential and life purpose.

The WHY in life is so important when it comes to success.  Without the WHY for TriVita there would have been many opportunities to find other things to do.  Making money is not a why but a reciprocal response to successfully doing the “WHY.”  In most every case where you find legal money flowing in unusual quantity, you will find a great product or service. For example, with Apple, Google and GoPro, it is the product or service that drives both revenue and capital.

The WHY is a driver of everything we create of value as it is fundamental to the development of the world we human beings live in.  If not, then caves and stones would still be our primary resources for survival.  The closer you can emotionally connect to your WHY, the more success and fulfillment you will enjoy in life, especially when the challenges and adversity appear—and they will—over a lifetime of achievement.

Below is a picture that so appropriately depicts most people’s view of success; they often only see the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

Iceberg pictureHidden below the water are the things that really happen before quality products and services are brought to market and deemed a success. You may get cut on the sharp edges of risk, barely stay afloat in the murky waters of failure, and have trouble seeing an end to the hours of hard work and sacrifice. But alongside those things…focus, goals, persistence. Your WHY. You must know it, embrace it, and keep it in sight. It will help give you the willingness to persist—and to ultimately succeed.

As we in North America celebrate our days of freedom with July 4th in the US and July 1 Canada Day, may freedom ring and may God rein!  Enjoy your summer holidays and be grateful for those who have given the supreme sacrifice of their lives that we may enjoy the benefits of FREEDOM!!



No matter your age or season in life, there is always the possibility of something BIG happening in your life. Sometimes that something BIG may appear almost impossibly good but there are also times when a very serious BIG may have a negative impact in your life. That is what BIG offers!! There are really only two ways to look at what is BIG in our lives: If I succeed, what are the rewards and if I fail, what are the consequences. Sometimes we cannot choose what is BIG in our lives—it just happens—but most of the time we can choose what is BIG in our lives. Here is what I also realize: living with BIG in our lives can bring out the best of our character and potential.

Fifteen years ago the launching of TriVita as a wellness company to help people experience greater wellness was BIG in my life and the lives of many others. It has at times been most challenging to push forward as change is happening all around us. We must change and overcome adversity, because the BIG is important! But what has not changed and is BIG at TriVita, is the fact that many people are experiencing greater wellness!! This is our anniversary month of 15 years and I want to thank everyone who has participated in making TriVita a success. A special thanks to all of our Members who buy our products and share their life stories with us.

Today the challenge of BIG is even BIGGER! How can we engage more with our customers, and be of greater service with wellness information and new products that contribute to wellness? Now, that is big!

If you are not living with something BIG you have the opportunity to choose something BIG for your life. Sometimes we get bogged down and life seems as if it were a rut. We have all heard that the only difference between a rut and a grave is that the grave has dirt at both ends. When you choose to live with a BIG in your life, and focus on the hope and possibility of the rewards of success, you will find renewed energy, focus and clarity.

No matter what is BIG in your life, the “what ifs” are always there. It is amazing how easy it is to allow self-talk to go negative with the “what ifs.” What if I fail, what if I lose, what if it doesn’t work out. But living with anything BIG in our lives should always carry the question of “what if” I succeed, “what if” it works out, “what if” I make a difference with my life in helping others?

I would like to hope that if you drink a nutritious Leanology Shake and feed a child a vitamin-fortified meal it could be a BIG in your life. When my wife Susan and I were in Africa looking into the eyes of those children and seeing hope and possibilities, it seemed very BIG to us and we felt it could be BIG with others. When we traveled with JAM founders Peter and Ann Pretorius, and saw the sacrifice of their lives to help the poor and malnourished children and families all over central and southern Africa, we knew what was BIG in their lives. What if you could share with others this wellness concept of “drink a shake and feed a child,” and buddy up in a wellness weight loss journey…could that be BIG in your life?

What if you could build an organization of passionate people with something BIG in their lives to share with others like the Leanology and Leanforward program? Well there are some BIG things happening today and I applaud the efforts of each of you in your vision and efforts to make them possible. It is always worth the effort in sacrifice and commitment to deal with the BIG in our lives. If you have not listened to the Admiral McRaven commencement speech of 2014 at University of Texas, I would encourage you to search it on the web. It will be one of the most inspirational 19 minutes you will spend in your lifetime. You just have to see it!!

If you are an Independent TriVita Business Owner, you will especially want to read this blog.

We live in a fast-changing world where visionaries promote a future others cannot see; however, these changes also create opportunities for “doom and gloomers” to promote their negative visions, as they cannot see the opportunities change brings but only the insecurity of what they are leaving behind. It is why the same stock market has buyers and sellers. Some see visions of bulls charging ahead while others see bears roaring and mauling.

What I can promise you is this: today’s world offers us unlimited possibilities if we are willing to change and charge ahead with the opportunities offered to us. With that in mind, TriVita has focused on the weight management opportunity. This market is creating incredible opportunities for those who are visionaries and see the bull charging ahead in these changing times.

You will notice that I did not say “weight loss.” That was intentional; weight management offers a significantly larger marketplace, as people spend more time in life managing weight than losing weight. Weight management programs engage people of all ages, with a variety of different goals, whether to add lean muscle, lose unwanted fat, maintain weight, etc. People are beginning to realize the dangers of excessive weight and the exceedingly greater quality of life opportunities that come with good weight management. A significant trend is developing, , people are seeking out low-calorie, nutritionally dense foods to replace the calorie-dense, low-nutrition processed foods that have been a staple of consumer diets for the last 25 years. This means the opportunity has never been greater for those who want a business that meets the wellness needs of the consumer.

Now, TriVita offers you the incredible opportunity to engage with your own weight management business. Never has our promise been more powerful, never has our unique value proposition been more engaging than today with “Drink a shake, feed a child, receive free interactive weight loss coaching.” This is all backed by our Trivita Wellness Center a medical licensed facility to support your business of weight loss for wellness. This powerful promise is beginning to resonate. And just like a farmer, when you have good seed and plant it in fertile ground, it brings forth a harvest. We are hearing wonderful weight loss stories both here in the corporate office where the excitement has never been higher for our products and from ITBOs across North America. I truly believe this is the greatest opportunity for our wellness story we have ever had the joy of sharing.

Plus, the new business-building enhancements are rolling out: the Online Wellness Store is operational with new features being added like the new Leanology videos, single serve shake packs and personal invitation cards to help you share the story and demonstrate the quality and taste of the shake. The new ways to earn bonuses and expand your business is taking a whole new look. Be sure and watch the Build Forward 2014 live stream event or the summary for exciting training and features.

The vision is for the Leanology product line to continue to expand with low calorie dense nutritional foods to help enhance the weight management program. Plus this marketing initiative will be able to reveal a transfer of food budget so as not purely an add on expense.

When I was in India as a teenager it had a profound impact on my life even to this day. There is a saying held as a parable of truth among the people. It is such a quieting and reassuring truth that says, “You have control over your work alone, never the fruit.” We do have control over our vision of the work we desire to do and how it can contribute to people’s lives, but we do not have control over the fruit. If we (you) only look at the fruit, you will never truly look at what you do or see how it fits into the purpose of your life and that of your customer. Perhaps the fruit is not there as you would desire, but if you will focus on what you do as being the correct thing to do, the fruit will follow.

The scriptures say it this way: Some may plant, some may water, but God gives the increase. When we do the right things consistently without focusing on the fruit or increase, but knowing it will come, we can live less stressful lives. You are an intelligent person. You will define this message in the many ways it can affect your life. Meditate on this powerful truth quietly each day so that you may focus on your work alone, and not on the fruit. You will find the joy of giving and the abundance of receiving from your work.

Pursue wellness with passion!



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